Best Apps Like Blinkist (Similar and Top Alternative, Free)

Best Apps Like Blinkist (Similar and Top Alternative, Free)

Reading ebooks has revolutionized people’s literature and daily habits and apps like Blinkist, which are a lot more convenient and interesting simultaneously. There are uncountable books and interesting articles to read on the internet that a person can’t complete in one lifetime. This app has become famous due to its beneficial offers to its users and clients. Blinkist offers more than four thousand micro books for people to read according to their preferences. But blinkist demands a premium monthly subscription which is only suitable for some, so here are some of the best apps like Blinkist. 

The Blinkist offers a free-of-cost experience for new users but has a limited amount of micro books. If the user desires access to complete application functionality, you can have a premium subscription. In most cases, the premium services of Blinkist cost about 12.99 dollars per month. Additionally, some books require more description and enhancing reading features which demand alternatives to Blinkist. 

The Best Apps Like Blinkist:

Following are some of the best apps, like Blinkist, for you to choose from:


Educational literature is the most important theme for books online users have read for the last decade. This has led to SparkNotes focusing on educational books and data resources. Instead of putting up fictional novels and other genres of books, this application is focused on providing educational books for various disciplines of science and arts. There are over 500 academic guides on SparkNotes to choose from according to your major in degree. The user interface looks sleek and mature, and you can modify the font size as you desire. If you are ready to enhance your grades with online academic guides, SparkNotes is your key to success. 


The educational resources of the BookRags have placed it on the top of the alternatives of Blinkist. There are beneficial essays on BookRags to help the users get a better understanding of various interesting topics. The ever longing list of educational resources on this app has the edge over all other apps like Blinkist. Very few apps manage to fuse the educational perspective of a lecturer and their student, but BookRags does the impossible. The data available on the app is top-notch and satisfying to the readers. If you are not interested in unwanted glitters on educational apps and only focus on the content, BookRags is for you. 


Personalized customization is the utmost important demand of people sincere to their reading habits. getAbstract does the same work for the users since you have complete charge of the personalization on the app. The number of books available on the app is phenomenal because developers made sure to add more than 20,000 books. Instead of giving 15-minute summaries of each book like Blinkist, getAbstract provides simpler and easier-to-understand summaries for the readers. The distribution of books is in such an order that you can easily pick and choose from 350 categories available on the app. If you have a super tough schedule and need more time to read traditional books, getAbstract is the most suitable option. 

Joosr Book Summaries:

Joosr Book Summaries allows you to read some financial and business-oriented content to the targeted business readers. Many people identify with various mental issues and use motivational and spiritual books as their healing source. The ever-varying demand of readers causes other reading apps to panic. Still, Joosr Book Summaries isn’t stressing about the demand because they always keep bringing something new for the readers. The unlimited audiobooks and offline mode require a premium subscription of up to 6.49 dollars. Joosr Book Summaries is proven to be beneficial for people interested in reading self-improvement and finance genres readers. 


The most famous complaint of users of Blinkist is that the choice of books is mono-directional. If you want to read more children-oriented content, ReadingIQ is the appropriate app since it offers award-winning pieces of literature. The choice of books is also attractive since you can easily pick which of the 7000+ books resembles your choice and style of reading. Various reputable publishing brands have officially collaborated with ReadingIQ to provide the highest quality books to read for users. The premium subscription of the app is also more affordable with a convenient payment method. The kids-oriented content of the ReadingIQ is best for you if general knowledge is the main theme for your preferred books. 


Snapreads has a charming interface that welcomes a favorable and fun-loving domain of online users. The book summaries of this application take the top spot compared to any of the mentioned applications in the list. The collection of books on Snapreads isn’t constant like other reading applications because new books keep arriving. Regardless of your choice of reading material, you will surely find some amazing and useful books on this app. Even though the premium subscription is more similar to Blinkist itself than other alternatives on this listing, the features fully repay the value you pay. If a great interface with a huge collection of books attracts you, Snapreads is developed for you. 


Many users find it relatively difficult to sort and look out for the specific books of their choice, and CatchUp understood the assignment right from the beginning. You can easily choose a great quality book from more than seven hundred books accessible on the application. The content format on the CatchUp app is easy to read and more digestive for a better understanding of the reader. Instead of always keeping the app online, there is a favorite user feature of offline usage. If you are the type of person who likes to read books while traveling to explore the world, CatchUp is your companion. 

Four Minute Books:

The data size capacity of books is one of the most infamous issues in modern e-reading applications. Four Minute Books is specially designed to provide book summaries and digital literature on low-data storage devices. The consistency of new book summaries on the application is one of the reasons readers prefer Four Minute Books over Blinkist. Moreover, you can get up to three valuable lessons from each book enlisted on the minute books. With over eight hundred quality summaries of most of the books, Four Minute Books is most advisable to thorough book summary readers. 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Are there free reading applications like Blinkist?

Yes, there are a few very efficient and affordable reading applications like Blinkist. You can switch to SparkNotes, four-minute books, reading IQ, and many other digital applications to enjoy reading hundreds of ebooks and summaries. 

Does Blinkist provide value per money to the users?

For premium subscription users, Blinkist is indeed worth the money they pay for. So if you are ready to spend around thirteen dollars per month, you can enjoy the premium quality book collection of Blinkist on your digital device. 

Can I use Blinkist for free?

Yes, you can use Blinkist for free for up to six months. In addition, there are auto-generated voucher codes in the Blinkist app, which you can use to experience freemium access to the specially selected books in the application. 

Does Blinkist provide more features than audible?

The main feature of audible is to provide you with an audio version of ebooks, while blinkist mainly focuses on giving book summaries to the users. The baseline features of audible and blinkist are entirely different from each other because the development setup of both apps is different. Therefore, you can select any one of these apps which suits you more. 

Which types of books are available on Blinkist?

There are hundreds of books and a huge book library on Blinkist, which allows users to choose their specific interests from the app. In addition, many award-winning and highly popular ebooks are readily available on Blinkist for you on premium features. 


With this, The Best Apps Like Blinkist have been presented to you. Now, it’s all on you to gather your specifications and requirements and finalize which digital app is more suitable for you. These apps have at least one feature that truly separates them from all other alternatives in the listing. Professional consultants and experts can decently resolve your unanswered questions on various book review websites and other digital platforms. Thanks for reading. 

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