Apps like Shiftgig (Top Alternative Gig Apps)

Apps like Shiftgig (Top Alternative Gig Apps)

Gig workers desperately needed a reliable platform until they found Shiftgig. The working module of the app makes it simple and easy for the users to link with gig workers and ultimately profit all active users of the platform. The most notable feature of Shiftgig is that it verifies each Shiftgig employee through reputable business and hiring agencies to ensure validity and performance in the past. But there are various limitations of the digital platform, which cause people to look for other options. Let’s discuss the best apps like Shiftgig for you so that you can pick and choose the most suitable one for you. 

The performance and production efficiency of each Shiftgig employee are accessible publicly, so the digital platform sets the reputation and merit. This is how Shiftgig also provides tenant services to businesses demanding efficient and capable employees. The verification system helps here as the legalized and suitable shift if workers are made available to the marketplace while good revenue is given to the workers too. Moreover, the customly adjusting schedule for the Shiftgig employees helps them work at their preferred times of the week. 

The Best Apps Like Shiftgig For You:

Following are some of the best apps like Shiftgig for you:


Instacart is a unique food delivery app because it doesn’t allow customers to order food and meals. After some verification, you can register as an Instacart shopper on the app and then be responsible for getting goods from the market and delivering them to the clients. You will get the fruit of your labor since Instacart easily pays around 15 to 30+ dollars an hour. You have to go to the nearby grocery store and gather all the required goods, then ensure that the groceries are handed to the clients, and your job is finished. Instacart will help you fulfill your needs easily and respectably if you are hustling to make legit money. 

Surveys On the Go:

Survey-based platforms were losing popularity with modern users, but apps like Surveys On the Go helped develop and create more survey-based revenue apps. The format of this app is pretty simple, as you have to invite potential clients of the digital platform via email. Shiftgig demands a lot of work from the workers in exchange for the money they generate, but Surveys On the Go is fine. You have to review the content of the platform’s demand and get a reward in exchange. Surveys On the Go is definitely the right option for people who desire the easiest way to earn some money in their free time. 


Lugg is a famous digital employment platform, catching the interest of many youngsters who desire to work with their studies. The payment system of this application isn’t static, as you can also earn some extra if you have a driving vehicle. The maximum estimate of a user of Lugg is researched to be up to 2500 dollars a week. This sounds unrealistic, but if you work efficiently, there’s a high chance you can get paid to such an extent. The most appreciated feature of this app is the full possession of tips to the employees. If you feel impressed by Lugg’s features, you should try it. 


Adia has a more precise onboarding mechanism as compared to Shiftgig. The development of Adia was solely missioned, targeting the gig employment economy. During the initial stages, you will have to create a profile. After some skill evaluation, you will be hired as a W2 employee, and with proper onboard evaluation, you can progress to become a premium worker of the digital platform. The per-hour payment of this app ranges from nine dollars to fifty dollars; this inspires many students and youngsters to use their skills on this app and earn some quality money for themselves. Adia is most appropriate for you if you desire to work part-time in your areas of interest. 


Tend is a specialized digital platform for medical workers like the massaging therapist. The metropolitan cities’ services are limited right now, and you can only access it in 19 specific cities in the US. The analysis and scrutiny of your resume are proper, so the services are efficient and professional. Once the officials verify you via interview, you become a member of the digital platform and help provide medical services to the users. Shiftgig is criticized for its short collaboration span but tends to ensure proper long-lasting engagement in the app. If you desire to work comfortably in the medical field, a digital platform helps you achieve it. 

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Zeel is specially designed for massage experts formerly working solo or on Shiftgig. Most massage expert hiring agencies demand full work hours service, but Zeel can easily help you decide your working hours. There is proper optionality for selecting the types of massage you are interested in providing. Massage therapists usually don’t have a lot of work, especially if working part-time, but with Zeel, it’s different. We did the percentage for you, too, and you will get 75 percent of the payment as a masseuse, while 18 percent extra gratitude is free from the platform. Zeel will provide the right payment for your services if you are a massage therapist. 


Home and commercial space renting has been one of the most successful means of passive revenue in humanity’s history. Neighbor has taken renting space and applied it to digital means. The rental prices are usually owner-defined so that you can charge for your renting space as per your choice. For example, you can earn from 50 dollars to 200+ dollars easily by renting out some unused space in your parking area or garage. The Neighbor apps would only cost a minimum subscription fee and around 5 percent of the rent you as a host get. If you have free space in your residential or commercial property, your neighbor will pay you for renting it every month. 


Similar to the Neighbor, Rentah also allows you to earn money, but you have to rent any of your selected goods this time. In most cases, people have some historically valuable or iconic items they share with their clients for a certain amount of time at a specific price. This concept is digitally applied on the Rentah app, and the same procedure continues, but proper verification and legal constraints are fulfilled. Thai app only gathers 5 percent of your earnings as a fee, and the rest is all your possession. If you live in a large and populated city, most of the citizens require some renting goods daily, Rentah is an easy money option for you. 


Since you were looking for specific digital platforms to earn good money, we shared the best apps like Shiftgig for you. Now, your job is to realize and polish your skills and pick which app is most suitable for you in the long term. After selecting the digital app, complete the initial requirements and earn a good amount of money. If you have legal or financial queries regarding any of the mentioned apps, the best solution is to consult a financial expert. Thanks for reading. 

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