Best Headphone Amp Under $100 2022

Best Headphone Amp Under 100

Most people in the world enjoy music and art. Usually, humans love art and music as it is something we inherit due to evolutionary biology. But some rare people have real taste in music and enjoy music with their soul. If you are a music lover and want to buy an audio setup, you should invest in amplifiers. It upgrades your audio setup and improves your audio experience. In the modern era, headphone amplifiers are also important for music lovers as they level up your sound experience quality.

 Let’s define a headphone amplifier for a better understanding of a massive audience around the globe. A headphone amplifier is a less powered audio amplifier created specifically for headphones without using them for loud noises in actual speakers. They are mostly used in different portable music players in audio devices in the market. There are various headphone amplifiers according to the demands of customers. Recording studios and other musical platforms heavily emphasize headphone amplifiers. 

It would help if you understood that headphone amplifiers would not affect the actual sound of the music, but they increase the audio power ability. But if your setup is incompatible, headphone amplifiers will not have such an impact as other factors should also be kept in mind. If you have understood everything till now, you will better understand the audio setup and headphone amplifiers. Keeping all of this in a sense, let’s carry a look at the inventory of considerable proper headphone amplifiers under $100.

What type of headphone amplifier is said to be best?

There are a lot of headphone amplifiers in the market, but if you want enriched and better audio, tube headphone amplifiers are the best. But you should also consider their price as they are quite expensive. Moreover, you will have to maintain them regularly as tube headphone amplifiers need better maintenance too. 

Top 10 Best Amp Under 100

Finding the best headphone amplifiers on a limited budget is a huge task. There are a ton of items to contemplate when purchasing headphone amplifiers. Else you will have to buy them multiple times or deal with a bad user experience.

But, don’t worry, we have sorted below a list of headphone amplifiers for you to choose from: 

  1. FiiO E10K Headphone Amplifier
  2. Mackie HM Series Mixer Headphone Amplifier
  3. Behringer HA400 Stereo Headphone Amplifier
  4. VOX AP2BS amPlug Headphone Amplifier
  5. Sabaj Audio PHA2 Portable Headphone Amplifier
  6. Valeton Rushead Max Headphone Amplifier
  7. Home Audio Bluetooth Power Amplifier System
  8. LOXJIE P20 Tube Headphone Power Amplifier
  9. NUX GP-1 Guitar Headphone Amplifier
  10. ART HeadAMP4 Stereo Headphone Amplifier

FiiO E10K Headphone Amplifier:

FiiO E10K USB DAC and Headphone Amplifie


FiiO E10K Headphone Amplifier is a very interesting option in the demand of users worldwide. This has a low-pass filter, and you can select a bass boost circuit. These circuits are designed for a less noisy floor in every situation. Therefore, music quality and audio experience are gradually boosted due to the FiiO amplifier. The internal chip of the E10K headphone amplifier is PCM102. This interior chip is very durable and can optimize plenty of data simultaneously. 

This PCM102 internal chip can utilize PCM files and data up to 24 bits per 96K Hertz. This can increase your audio quality by using linear filters. The delay between songs, time to change tracks, and silence at the ends of tracks are well managed in the FiiO E10K. You can connect it to your PC or desktop using the micro USB linkage. This also provides an electric power supply to the device. The general structure and style of the product are very trendy and elegant. There is a brushed aluminum shell and chassis of this item. 

These features give more durability and portability to the headphone amplifiers. The output coaxial connectivity gives you the great benefit of easily connecting with other devices. A lithium battery is also included to give your amplifier a long and useful battery life. The output wattage of this device is 10 watts, so you don’t have to worry about specific power supplies. The price of this item is also quite affordable, as you won’t have to worry about spending plenty of money to buy this headphone amplifier. This product’s black exterior gives users a luxurious look and fits quite well in every home or outdoor setting.

Final Thoughts:

The FiiO E10K is a very budget-friendly and stylish headphone amplifier for younger customers and music lovers worldwide. It has USB connectivity and the best internal chips. The output power supply for this device is also quite minimal. The design for this item is quite sleek, requiring less surface area to be placed due to its decent outlook and structure. 

  • Pros
  • Nice built quality
  • Better headphone compatibility
  • Great sound quality
  • Cons
  • Low durability and usage expectancy

Mackie HM Series Mixer Headphone Amplifier:

Mackie HM Series, 4-Way Headphone Amplifier Mixer Accessory 1-ch x 4


The Mackie HM mixer is a great headphone amplifier that provides premium, high-quality analog circuits. The overall design of the device provides very low outer noise sound. You can experience high headroom audio due to the well-managed build of the amplifier. Even if the item is initially made for a single connectivity purpose, you can connect it in an innovative way that it would distribute into four different headphones.

Various options and connectivity methods are featured on this amplifier to match your wants and needs. You don’t have to worry about the exterior getting broken or shattered into different portions, as it is made of heavy gauge steel. The chassis, switches, and meters on the amplifier are made for usage for a long extent of time. It is controlled individually for every output it produces. A 12 volts adapter is used for the power supply, and an AC adapter is used in this amplifier.

There are different main stereos for left and right input and output. Moreover, there are multiple LED meters per channel. You can access the output channel with up to 3 headphones connectivity. Two separate and main stereo inputs also come with discrete level control outputs. There are eight independent and fully functional aux inputs for individual stereo mixes in this HM series mixer headphone amplifier. The stereo/mono and input select vary per channel. All of these above features make a total of 16 headphone amplifier outputs.

Final Thoughts:

The Mackie HM series mixer is an efficient headphone amplifier with a strong overall build with high gauge steel structuring. This amplifier highlights the variety of output connectivity possible through various programmable methods. It uses a 12 volts adapter for the power supply. The audio experience reviewed by customers is quite remarkable, and it’s highly recommended for more commercial usage in studios and recording rooms.

  • Pros
  • Better audio controlling
  • Strong built
  • Better multi-user connectivity
  • Cons
  •  Users complain about knob fragility

Behringer HA400 Stereo Headphone Amplifier:

Behringer MICROAM


You should consider the Behringer HA400 stereo headphone amplifier to track multiple users simultaneously. This amplifier is very useful if you want to listen to playback music or you want a monitor distribution system in your preferred setting. This feature is useful when using an amplifier in a crowded area, as everyone can listen to the audio. This HA400 stereo amplifier is compact with easy connectivity and flexibility to use as you can directly link up to 4 headphones.

The volume of each connected headphone is amplified in a very independent manner. This results in a very outstanding and premium audio quality. The volume of each output could be readjusted and maximized individually. In the mixed recording sessions, each user can identify their desired output volume level and intensity of the audio. The amplifier consists of high-power stereos that manage the premium audio experience at each volume level.

All Of the features are relatable to an actual fully operational audio setup. The 12-volt adapter configures the proper and smooth flow of electric current into the amplifier. This Behringer amplifier is an amazing option if you want to record sessions that individually manage to multitask. Nevertheless, you might pay a bunch of cash and effort using this gadget. The package includes an amplifier and adapter with a user manual. Every basic guideline and precaution is mentioned in the user manual, so you don’t have to worry about the method of setting it up or any other issue.

Final Thoughts:

The Behringer HA400 stereo headphone amplifier is recommended for podcast recorders and multiple user recording sessions. The packaging comes with a 12-volt adapter and an ultimate adapter with a precise user manual. You can connect up to 4 headphones while separately managing each user’s audio volume and intensity. Overall this amplifier is a highly preferred option by users globally. Therefore, you should buy this device.

  • Pros
  • Great performance ability
  • Better headphone audio output 
  • Cons
  • Sometimes distorted sounds are produced

VOX AP2BS amPlug Headphone Amplifier:

VOX AP2BS amPlug 2 Guitar/Bass Headphone Amplifier


The Vox AP2BS amPlug is a headphone amplifier specifically designed for low frequencies. This amplifier provides a wide-range response exactly. It features amPlug G2, which is a very useful analog circuit. The brand also managed to improve its circuit at a very impressive level. Every model of the amplifier comes with various modifications by default. The headphone amplifier also features different bass modes.

There are nine rhythmic patterns for ease of users and fruitful experimentation. The foldable mechanism of the plug can spin around almost 180 degrees. It automatically switches off for the improvisation and better usage of this device. You can jam along using any audio player, as this headphone amplifier features AUX input. This device is quite helpful in creating amazing sounds, and it doesn’t occupy a lot of space. Any guitarist or music lover who likes heavy bass will like this amplifier.

This Vox AP2BS amPlug headphone amplifier is manufactured in the UK. The wattage output of this device is 100 watts. It gives a classic and crisp combination of better audio quality and intense bass production. This amplifier is perfect for cleaner and more inspiring sounds. The high-gain tone will work wonders for you if you are a solo artist. You don’t have to care about recharging it several times as it features a huge battery that can work for 17 hours.

Final Thoughts:

The Vox AP2BS amPlug headphone amplifier is the best option for musicians and instrument players. It features a great battery duration and several impressive features like AUX cable connectivity and a foldable plug. The adapter requires 100 watts to operate, and the audio quality is also phenomenal. Various high-lead tone beats are produced with great accuracy. Users should purchase it if they are a guitarist or a bassist.

  • Pros
  • Better volume adjustment
  • Portable guitar amplifier setup
  • Small dials for volume
  • Cons
  • Creates constant static noises

Sabaj Audio PHA2 Portable Headphone Amplifier:

Sabaj Audio PHA2 Portable Headphone


The Sabaj PHA2 audio is a very advanced and modern headphone amplifier. It is an updated version of PHA1. This is considerably more reasonable and useful than the earlier model as it has a higher output power. The TPA61 20A2 chip is featured in this headphone amplifier. This device can effectively drive and operate high-impedance headphones using a power module. For better power conductivity, dual power input is introduced in Sabaj audio amplifiers.

This dual power input can separately emphasize micro USB and main power supply. This versatility in the device allows users to use any input accordingly. The power circuit of this amplifier is fully independent and efficient. There are two input jacks in this headphone amplifier. One is 3.5mm for high impedance headphones and a 6.35mm jack for low impedance headphones, respectively. These sorted input jacks function well and provide the availability to users to choose according to their classification of headphones.

The RCA input is undoubtedly a special feature. This input’s main purpose is to connect an active speaker to the device’s users. There is a built-in power-boosting module in the Sabaj audio headphone amplifier. The primary function of this module is to increase the input power of the amplifier. The increase in power ranges from 3.5 volts to 6.5 volts. For greater capacitance and conductivity, WIMA capacitors are used in it. 

Final Thoughts:

Sabaj audio PHA2 portable is an advanced and modern headphone amplifier. It is upgraded from the PHA1 model. It is very useful and better at multitasking than the previous model. The chip circuit of this headphone amplifier is very productive as it carries analog signals readily. Multiple input for micro-USB and main power supply is also very admired by users. You should buy this amplifier if your headphone is equipped with high impedance. 

  • Pros
  • Clean audio quality
  • Affordable price
  • Excellent range of amplification 
  • Cons
  • Difficult to connect with a PC

Valeton Rushead Max Headphone Amplifier:

 Valeton Rushead Max USB Chargable P


The Valeton rushead max is a decent headphone amplifier for users worldwide who prefer a better audio and music experience. The brand is quite famous on the internet and digital market for its world-class amplifiers and other audiogenic products. The model is quite clean and readily manages overdrive and distortion in the sound. The frequency response of this amplifier is also very efficient and great as it consists of a full extent line-out system. Furthermore, the device is built in such a way that it analyzes and manages frequencies of various wavelengths.

If you need an amplifier that can variate tone demands, the Valeton max amplifier will work great for you. This device can produce tremolo as well as flanger effects for various tone demands by the user. It uses a switchable MOD module to perform all of the above operations. Moreover, the ambiance in sound production is also very important for musicians and audio producers. This amplifier comes with a variant AMBIENT module to delay the audio effect and reverb sound epically. Hence the desire for ambient audio production is readily met through this device.

With all of the features above, an aux cable is featured with this amplifier. You can connect this aux cable to different audio players to jam along with them. There is also a USB charger, which gives the product huge battery life. It can be used in an ideal environment for up to 5 hours or more. The battery comes with a 9-volt charger to provide the better charging capability to the amplifier. This Valeton rushead max headphone amplifier is quite easy to use and very basic in design. The weight of this product is also quite balanced as it only weighs around 4.2 ounces.

Final Thoughts:

The Valeton rushead max is a very famous and well-received headphone amplifier. It has reputable battery stamina and a 9-volt charger to charge it. You can use it for around 5 hours without worrying about recharging. The amplifier offers a lot of switchable options for managing frequencies. It comes with various modules too. You can utilize an aux cable to combine various audio devices to it. The overall weightage of this amplifier is 4.2 ounces, which is quite well. 

  • Pros
  • Very portable Easy to use
  • Extreme versatility
  • Cons
  • Lacks Bluetooth connectivity

Home Audio Bluetooth Power Amplifier System:

Home Audio Bluetooth Power Amplifier Syste


The Home audio Bluetooth power is a multi-use amplifier system. It is compatible and useful in acoustic sound systems at home or in educational institutes. The amplifier gives you a 2×40 wattage output for using this device with various headphones. You can now enjoy high-quality amplified sounds due to better impedance. It also consists of three pairs of audio inputs for tuners. In addition, you can connect CD players, camcorders, and microphones with various input methods.

You can record great audio recording sessions using this amplifier’s REC output. It also features a pager mode for its usage in hosting meetings and auto talkover. You can also use its mixing mode for entertaining karaoke performances. This amplifier features USB and sd card input for better support of a USB or SDcard. Using this feature, you can play your desired audio files and access various sounds through your media library by directly connecting your system to the amplifier. It also has a power switch, a play/pause button, and an mp3 control.

The rotary knob on the amplifier is used to manage the audio’s bass, treble, mic, and master volume. There is a LED indicator on the power controller for better preventive measures. You can effortlessly handle the bass and treble of the audio by using any of the four input controllers. You can either use AUX1 or USB or even CD input for balance control of the sound. It also looks quite sleek due to its stylish structure and design. The dimensions of this amplifier are 7.48×2.72×5.39. The main highlight of this device is its featured Bluetooth connectivity in it.

 Final Thoughts:

The Home audio Bluetooth power is a very modern and useful amplifier for headphones and other music players. It features many audio connectivity options, so you don’t have to worry about buying separate input connections and extensions for the amplifiers. You can use it while playing karaoke performances or at meetings, as it is very versatile and useful. The modern outlook makes it quite presentable. The main feature of this product is Bluetooth connectivity of this amplifier and better input management. You should buy it if you want wireless connectivity in your amplifier too. 

  • Pros
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Fine audio quality
  • Louder sound production
  • Cons
  • Users complain overheating

LOXJIE P20 Tube Headphone Power Amplifier: 

LOXJIE P20 Full Balance Tube Amplifier Headphone Power Amplifier (Black)


The LOXJIE P20 tube is a durable and trusted headphone power amplifier. It consists of a military-grade 6N3 electronic tube. This electronic tube is featured on the top of the amplifier. The circuits featured in this device are tuned very well, and you can efficiently manage and analyze the input. In addition, the drive-in amplifier is powerful as it features 600mWatts output at only 64-ohm impedance. This allows for better power consumption and less impedance in outdoor and heavy usage circuits.

The overall amplification ability of this device is very balanced. The input interface is quite stable, and you can easily add various inputs to the amplifier. The volume control of the device is very amazing and high-end. JRC is a famous brand in Japan that collaborated with this company in helping produce a volume controller for this amplifier. The model of the volume controller is named NJW1195. You can use a relay on the surface of this amplifier to mute controls. The functioning of this amplifier is humanized and easy to use.

The LOXJIE P20 tube headphone power amplifier is also very well-weighted. It weighs 1.32 pounds which is a bit heavier than other amplifiers on the market, but its audio quality and strong circuit are unmatched. The innovation in this amplifier is featured tubes on the top surface of the device. They are not just for presentation but also fully functional and working. The power button is featured on top of the amplifier with volume knobs. You will have to continuously click the power button for three seconds to turn this device on/off. You can easily connect higher impedance headphones to this amplifier as it can support headphones with 300-ohm impedance. 

Final Thoughts:

The LOXJIE P20 tube headphone power amplifier is a durable option in the market. It has a 12-volt charger and gives 600mWatts output. This affordable amplifier allows you to enjoy high-end amplification and better sound quality. It weighs 1.32 pounds and looks quite durable. The signature electronic tube is featured on the top of this amplifier, and you can also access the power button on top of it. Due to the usage of DC in the circuits, it is more manageable and functional. 

  • Pros
  • Well-made and durable
  • Compatible with high impedance headphones 
  • Cons
  • Fewer mods as compared to other amplifiers

NUX GP-1 Guitar Headphone Amplifier:



The Nux GP1 guitar is the best headphone amplifier for guitars and bass productions. It consists of two batteries fixed in it. You can add new batteries by replacing old AAA batteries with new ones. These amplifiers are quite famous for the production of classic British distortions. So if you are a guitarist or a bassist and want several variations in your audio production, switch to the Nux guitar amplifiers for better sound production. There is an AUX connection in the jack for ease of use.

You can easily practice the actual audio files during your jamming sessions by connecting them through the AUX connection. You can plug your headphones into the amplifier to record audio or listen to the pre-recorded sessions. This makes practicing fun, and you also learn a lot. You can readily adjust the tone and gain levels of the amplifier for variations in the audio production. You can adjust them according to your individual choices and desires. All you have to do is plug your guitar into the amplifier, and you are ready to create great music.

The signature production of this amplifier is the legendary British rock sound. This Nux GP1 guitar headphone amplifier works perfectly with the passive pick-up beats. But there are no additional aux connections in this amplifier. You might have to connect your amplifier with the guitar and then connect headphones as an output device. It has a great combination of volume intensity and tone control with the correct sound production. The battery timing of this amplifier is also very huge. With two pieces of AAA batteries, you don’t have to worry as it gives you 40+ hours of standby time. 

Final Thoughts:

The Nux GP1 guitar is a classic and influential headphone amplifier for rock music. You can create British rock beats and melodies using this amplifier. It has an aux cable connectivity for output, but you can’t connect multiple headphones or other output devices to it. The battery of this amplifier is quite phenomenal. If you’re looking for an amplifier with great battery timing, you should buy this device. This amplifier has more than 40 hours of battery vitality. You should buy it if you want to perform in a place with less electric supply. 

  • Pros
  • Multiple volume and tone adjusting options
  • Great price Easy operating
  • Cons
  • Distorted sound production

ART HeadAMP4 Stereo Headphone Amplifier:

ART HeadAMP4 Eight Output Stereo Headp


The Art HeadAMP4 stereo has multiple outputs and a channel headphone amplifier. It consists of 8 outputs for stereo headphone amplification by using four different channels. There are furthermore variations in the input and output of this amplifier. The multiple connections of output and input are available in ¼ inch as well as ⅛. Therefore, it is virtually noiseless and more efficient.

It is well-known that noise is directly proportional to the distortion in output and inversely proportional to the output quality. Another outstanding quality of this device is the metallic case of the HeadAMP4, which is extruded and stackable. This feature makes it best for residential usage or project studio sessions. Connecting iPod or media players to this device can add additional output load. However, it won’t add extra weight to the performance of the existing headphone amplifier source. There are separate audio controllers for every headphone output.

The versatility in connectivity by featuring ⅛-inch and ¼-inch input connections gives accessibility to almost every source. It is manufactured in China and is very lightweight, weighing only 1.1 pounds. The sound production is quite sturdy, and fewer distortions appear while amplifying the original sound. There is even a power-on LED right on the front of the amplifier. It is quite a safe and trustworthy purchase for thousands of users worldwide. Due to better manufacturing and basic methods to amplify audio production, it is easy to use and more durable than some of the cheaper and more modern products on the market. 

Final Thoughts:

The Art HeadAMP4 stereo headphone amplifier is a better option if you want an easy and more reliable option in the market. You will have better connectivity due to eight output variations that give access to four channels. It is a more durable and less noisy option in the market, which results in better audio quality overall. There is an LED indicator for the power supply; overall, it’s an affordable amplifier for beginners and experienced users. 

  • Pros
  • Best for group sessions
  • Sturdy and clean audio
  • Relatively loud sound
  • Cons
  • Weak amplification

Things To Consider Before Buying Headphone Amplifier Under $100: 

If you are interested in buying a headphone amplifier, you should read the guidelines below to select a better and more fitting device. Otherwise, you might have to settle on a less valuable product, multiple payments for the product, or even worse. So kindly read these following features carefully: 


The impedance is directly related to the amplification of electrical signals produced in headphone amplifiers. So, it would help if you kept the impedance of the device in your mind while buying an amplifier. 

Sound production:

You should also keep the amplifier’s sound production quality in mind to buy a better and more efficient product. Sound quality is directly proportional to amplification ability and inversely proportional to the resistance in output. 


To buy a headphone amplifier, you should keep your budget in mind. Else you might face financial issues in the future. But it’s a well-known fact that you will have to spend more money to buy a better and more satisfying amplifier.


The product you are about to buy should be manufactured with standardized quality. The built quality of the amplifier is considered a vital factor in buying a headphone amplification system. Therefore, you should make sure to review the manufacturing quality of the amplifier before purchasing it. 


As everyone knows, the headphone amplifier should be convenient to use daily. It should easily fit into small areas and be easier to use in any given circumstance. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are headphone amplifiers better than DAC?

For beginners, buying a headphone amplifier is relatively better. However, if you have used amplifiers for some time, you might invest in a DAC amplifier and a headphone amp to experience epic audio production. 

Do low-quality headphones affect sound quality?

The quality of headphones or any other audio output device is relative to the quality of sound amplification. Usually, the audio format of the music is irrelevant to the quality of the audio. 

What is the use of a digital audio player in general?

As modern quality and the criteria of gadgets have changed, digital audio players are useful if your battery timing is low and you desire more audio quality. 

What is the importance of investing in power cables for headphone amplifiers? 

It is also valid to invest in power cables if you have already bought some equipment for headphone amplifiers in the past. But you should be experienced in using these audio systems to make better decisions. 

What is the importance of noise-free audio?

 Of course, noise-free audio is very important. A lack of noise reduction in the audio system would cause distortions in audio and a lack of clarity in sound production. 


If you want to buy headphone amplifiers for under $100, you should consider the products mentioned in your list. Choosing the best amplifier might be tricky, but you don’t have to worry about it. After reading the buyer’s guide and considering the factors in your mind, the selection will be quite easy for you. Thanks for reading.

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