Best Pepper Spray for Dogs

Suppose that you are enjoying a walk in the early morning, the sun is brighter, and birds are singing. When you reach the corner, you see a dog coming with running silva coming towards you. Then what will you do? You look around for something to keep the aggressive away, but you can’t find anything. To avoid this, we bring the best pepper spray for dogs.

Whenever something happens, you instantly take out the pepper spray and use it to defend yourself.

Best Pepper Spray for Dogs

What is Dog Pepper Spray?

Pepper spray usually has Oleoresin capsicum as a major component. The dog spray is less potent than the human Mace pepper. The reason behind this is the dogs are more sensitive than humans.

But it’s not true every time. Because when Sabre, the well-known pepper spray company says maximum strength allowed by the EPA, they mean it.

Pepper itself is an exceptionally spicy ingredient. When you use pepper spray, it can burn eyes or mouth—however, the effect lasts up to a maximum of 45 minutes. But this time could be very painful.

When Should We Use Pepper Spray?

The most effective spray can last up to 45 minutes. And also safe for dogs’ health. But it doesn’t mean you can pull the trigger whenever you see a dog.  Now the question arises what the right time is?

Dogs pepper spray should never be used as a tool while training a dog. An air horn can trigger aggression in dogs. I would suggest you reward technique if you stopped your dog from something you don’t like. 

Problems you may face while spraying the dogs

You need to be very careful while spraying at someone’s dogs. Things can go wrong within just a few seconds.

  • You may get yourself in trouble with dogs. Whenever I use the spray, I get more afraid of the owner rather than a dog.
  • A possibility is that the dog may consider you more dangerous. And the next time, he becomes aggressive.
  • Maybe the dog gets a higher amount of epinephrine when you sprayed it. As a result, it makes him more aggressive rather than stopping.
  • You accidentally use spray on your own dog

When using dog repellent?

I’ve got some condition when I use pepper spray.

  • The dog gets out of control of the owner; the owner is not present or maybe ignoring the dog.
  • I would never spray the dog until it minds his business.
  • The dog doesn’t seem to be friendly and tries to attack. Usually, this happens when a dog is barking, moving quickly, or standing in a stiff position.
  • I always consider pepper spray as the last option. My first try to yell or waving arms.

Top 5 Best Pepper Spray for Dogs

After speaking to many professional dog trainers who deal with aggressive dogs, I prepared the top 5 best dog pepper spray list.

  1. Sabre Red Maximum Strength Protector Pepper Spray
  2. Halt II Dog Repellent Spray
  3. Sabre Red Pepper Gel Spray for Runners
  4. Mace Brand Magnum 3 Pepper Gel
  5. Sabre Advanced 3-in-1 Pepper spray

Sabre Red Maximum Strength Protector Pepper Spray

Sabre Red Maximum Strength Protector Pepper Spray

Red Maximum Strength by Sabre may cost more than a regular dog spray, but there is no performance match. The gel-based spray is always heavier than the liquid one.

That’s why the sprays with gel have less chance of drift back. Another benefit is they are easy to aim since the gel comes out in the form of a stream. You can directly point the attacker’s face,

Moreover, it is one of the most extended ranges of pepper gel currently available in the market. It can cover approx. 15 feet. 

Now questions occur about how the longest range gel is better? The longer range means you can protect yourself or your loved one before the attacker gets closed.

The only drawback of this pepper gel is it doesn’t contain any canister. If you don’t know, then allow me to tell you. A canister is a device we use to practice the pepper spray without using the product. In this pepper, spray on you to buy this separately.


  • 1% Major Major Capsaicinoids
  • Up to 4 years shelf life
  • A powerful stream of 7 shots
  • Sprays up to 4.6m
  • Flip top safety lock
  • 1 sec burst time


  • Prevents blowback
  • Large Handy belt clip
  • All natural dog spray
  • Powerful stream
  • 100% safe to use


  • No canister

Halt II Dog Repellent Spray

Halt II Dog Repellent Spray

 Now you can protect yourself, your loved ones, and even your pets from the attack of violent dogs with Halt II Dog Repellent spray.

Also, it contains 100% natural peppers extracts. So, whenever an aggressive dog tries to attack, you can use this highly effective spray. But the effect is temporary keep that in mind, so after using it, instantly move away.

 A dog will return to the normal position after a few minutes. The range of this Halt II is 12 feet. You can use it on the eyes and nose of the dog before he reaches you.

It includes a patented belt with a trigger, which is immensely beneficial for the direction of spray. Also, it will help you to practice the rush. The special liquid in the bottle will discomfort the dog for several minutes without causing a permanent injury or illness.

From 1996 the “US Postal Service” used this product to prevent dog attacks and delivery guys from injury. So if you are a biker, property manager, delivery guy, or even a dog trainer, you should have this dog pepper spray in your pocket all the time.


  • Almost 280% more than a regular Halt
  • 1% Capsaicin
  • Canister clip
  • Made in the USA
  • Recommend by US Postal


  • Ultra compact Size
  • Quick aim safety cap
  • Integrated belt clip for easy access
  • Temporary painful
  • Medically Safe


  • The mentioned range of spray is 12 feet, but actually, it works up to 10 feet.

Sabre Red Pepper Gel Spray for Runners

Sabre Red Pepper Gel Spray for Runners

Life can change with just a nano sec. So always prepare. Suppose you’re running in a park, and from nowhere, an aggressive dog comes to attack you.

What do you do? I have the answer; you immediately bring out the Sabre Red Pepper Gel and save yourself. The purpose of this spray is instant access. There is less chance of blowback because it releases a mighty stream.

Other features include a U.V. marking dye, which will help you in the identification of the suspect. The Range of pepper gel is 10ft, which is enough distance to save yourself. Also, this spray can fire 35 burst shorts.

The trigger has a reinforcement tab at the top to ensure your safety. Twist clockwise to lock and Anti clockwise to unlock. So you can put it in your handbags, gym bags, or pocket without the fear of accidental discharge.

This Sabre Red has a famous “maximum strength formula” powerful and used by law enforcement departments.

Also, the company does HPLC lab testing to ensure the amount of heat before releasing a variant. That’s why the failure rate of Sabre is 30% less than other companies in the market.


  • 4 years shelf life
  • Made in the USA
  • In house HPLC Lab testing
  • 3m long range
  • Fire approx, 35 shots
  • Compact ¾ size O.Z. container


  • Easy to access
  • Free safety training( Package include video links)
  • Reliable and long lasting
  • Accident prevention twist lock
  • Powerful stream


  • Nozzle fall off sometimes

Mace Brand Magnum 3 Pepper Gel

Mace Brand Magnum 3 Pepper Gel

Brand Magnum 3 by Mace is one of the best pepper gel with four different variants. You can choose any one of them according to your style.

Also, its special self-defense formula suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. This paper spray can fire 20 bursts with a range of up to 25 feet.

When you spray this pepper spray, it will cause cough, choke, or eye irritation to an aggressive dog. But remember these all effects are for just a few minutes and don’t affect the dog’s health.

The “U.V.” dye leaves a residue that will help you to identify the attacker.

Another best thing about this gel has a flipping top for safety against unforeseen accidents. The gun grip of the bottle helps to aim at the right spot and avoid misfires.

For the person who works at night and wants protection, this pepper spray also has “Night Defender,” which has  Led light. All you have to remove the cover, and that’s it.


  • Gel stream reach up to 25 ft
  • 20 shots per bottle
  • U.V. dye leaves a residue
  • Flip top safety cap
  • Finger grip design


  • No blowback
  • Maximize accuracy
  • Thick and sticky gel substance
  • Portable design
  • Long-range


  • Little bit expensive

Sabre Advanced 3-in-1 Pepper spray

Sabre Advanced 3-in-1 Pepper spray

In case you want something cheaper, compact, and practical, then go for Sabre advanced 3in1. Its multiple purposes spray with as usual Aerosol.

The thing I like about this pepper spray is it includes not only the capsaicin but also the specialized tear gas.  This C.S. tear gas causes additional irritation, and U.V. dye to identify the attacker.

In spite of the compact size, this 3in1 canister can fire up to 25 bursts and 10-foot range, which is enough to keep yourself safe from the aggressive dog.

Due to its small size, you can even put it on your keychain for quick accessibility.

Moreover, it only costs 10$, which is nothing if you focus on its benefits. Also, you can replace it if it has expired. This pepper spray’s actual shelf life spray is four years, but it recommends replacing it after three years for better results.

This pepper spray has stream flow to avoid blowback. However, to use it properly, you should buy a spray for practice. On the top, this canister has a safety switch to prevent unexpected accidents.


  • 14 shots per bottle
  • 12  feet range
  • Safety lock to prevent incidents
  • 4 years shelf life
  • 1% major Capsaicinoids
  • Keyring attachment


  • Lightweight
  • Beautifully designedaAll natural yet effective
  • Powerful stream
  • Prevents blowback
  • 100% Safe
  • According to EPA standards
  • Reliable and sturdy


  • The trigger lock is a little bit loose

Buyers Guide

Most people think that buying a paper spray for the dog is easy. But actually, it’s not. Just like a wrong weapon can make the situation worse, the same goes for pepper spray. There are a lot of factors you have to consider before shopping for it. Below are some of them:


Before buying a pepper spray, you must ensure how far it can fire the particle in one shot. This helps you to identify how much distance you should maintain if something happens.

After keeping the distance, the next thing you have to do is launch an attack towards the assaulter. Different range of pepper spray available in the market.

A longer-range one cost more while a small range cost less. Usually, the canister has a range of between 10 to 15 feet.


The second thing you should ensure is the compactness before a pepper spray. It will help you to see how compact it is. 

Mostly the pepper spray is palm size. So you can put them in your hand carry, gym bag or even in your pocket. Since it’s a product we have to take all the time, it should be convenient.

Some of the canisters have the keychain to attach them with other keys. Meanwhile, some have a watch style wrist to wear them. It’s useful if your duty is to go out on the streets and need additional security.


One of the main components used in the making of pepper spray is Aerosol. This component can be dangerous and have serious drawbacks.

Always check the wind direction before using the spray as the particles of Aerosol are very light. So there are chances the particles blowback. Moreover, they catch fire with just a blink of an eye.

On the other hand, gel sprays are heavier than Aerosol ones. Therefore they are not likely to blowback. Also, they get to travel quickly and more precisely.

The drawback is gel sprays cost more than Aerosol ones, which is cheaper.


Oleoresin capsicum, a.k.a “O.C” is the parameter to measure how effective a paper spray is. At least 6% of O.C. is necessary to irritate the attacker. So the more is O.C diluted in a canister, the better the performance.

Purchasing a canister with a potent nozzle is a decent choice.

Additional Features

While purchasing pepper spray for a dog must ensure an additional safety feature. Some of the products offer canisters so you can practice it before using it in real life. Meanwhile, some have U.V dye to the identification.

Frequently Asked Question

Is pepper spray legal?

Yes, it’s legal in every state. Simultaneously, some of the states have a regulation like the size of the can and type of spray. So contact your nearest police station for more information.

What happens if I use pepper spray on myself?

The fear of blowback always remains if you use pepper spray. So never take the risk of using it inside the house.

 Can everyone buy pepper spray?

No, not at all. Most of the states have an age restriction of 18 years. Some of them restrict ownership, so criminals could not buy that.

Is pepper spray gel lethal?

Usually, the paper gel has a higher O.C concentration than a spray, but they are not lethal.  Death with paper gel is very rare. I’ve never heard in my whole life that a person is dead due to pepper spray.

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