The Best Plasma Lighters

There is a heavy debate on the internet about using plasma lighters over traditional lighters. Both sides have strong and somewhat valid points, and one should choose according to their preferences. Today’s main subject of the article is the usage and applications of lighters and helping you find the best plasma lighter in the market. There are various things to consider while understanding the best option for each user, as it is a broad spectrum to satisfy every user. However, we are very sure and hopeful that you will find one according to your personalized filters in our list. 

The working mechanism of plasma lighters is quite simple. First, a high voltage electric current is passed through the circuit in the lighter toward both nodes, and a highly charged plasma is created in the process. This plasma is then touched with the object to be lightened up, and the arc flame lits the object in the process.  

Modern consumers prefer plasma lighters for many innovative reasons, such as being eco-friendly, easily rechargeable, a one-time investment, and safer to use than traditional lighters. They don’t emit harmful gasses, which can lead to pollution and plasma lighters are also usually water resistant and windproof, so you can easily use them anywhere you want. Moreover, plasma lighters are way more efficient and deliver more while using less energy. The arc flame is also not very harmful if accidentally touched. 

What is a plasma lighter?

A fire starting tool or instrument that creates highly powered plasma by the current flow through an electric circuit is known as a plasma lighter. You can use plasma lighter to replace traditional lighters used in various fields of life. 

The Top Best Plasma Lighters:

Selecting a plasma lighter can be a stressful task if you are a new user because of the similarities and tough competition in the market. You might listen to any equitance you know who might suggest a plasma lighter you don’t want. This might lead to multiple replacements and fixations after some uses. To avoid these hassles, sit back with comfort and look at the list we have compiled for you.

Here are the top picks of the best plasma lighters we enlisted for you:

  1. Tesla Electric Plasma Arc Lighter
  2. Lafagiet F13-Orange Dual Plasma Lighter
  3. Sipoe Multi-chrome Electric Plasma Lighter
  4. Bones Olive Gray Arc Plasma Lighter
  5. Scott Plasma Windproof Arc Lighter
  6. Camouflage Waterproof Plasma Lighter
  7. LcFun Gold Dragon Arc Plasma Lighter
  8. S2000 Silver Electric Plasma Lighter
  9. Dual Arc LED Plasma Lighter
  10. Windproof Arc X Plasma Lighters

Tesla Electric Plasma Arc Lighter:

Plasma Lighter- Tesla Arc Lighter


The Tesla electric plasma arc lighter is more power efficient than other lighters. This lighter has fifty percent more power than an average atomic lighter and is also more powerful than regular arc lighters. In addition, it features triple arc technology. This mechanism provides quicker lightning of flammables. The burning capability is also more than other lighters as a reference.

The plasma lighter is backed by one year warranty from the manufacturing company, making it a reliable and better option. In addition, it is designed to be freely used in certain weather conditions. You don’t have to cover your lighter as soon as the wind starts blowing because it doesn’t affect this arc lighter. You can also use this lighter in wet and humid areas because it doesn’t work with classic flaming mechanisms to light objects.

This electric plasma arc lighter is rechargeable and has a built-in battery. You don’t have to worry about filling your lighter with butane or fuel after a certain time. This lighter is electrically charged and can be used several times without worrying about recharging it. You can light other flat surfaces first to use it for round surfaces and bowls. This will help you light various objects easily without worrying about using butane-fueled lighters for certain situations.

Final Thoughts:

Tesla electric plasma arc lighter is a very energy efficient and powerful device. It has more power and capabilities than many other arc lighters on the market. You can easily use it in extreme weather and high humidity without thinking twice. It is rechargeable, and you can easily charge it anywhere by plugging the charger into the charging port of this plasma lighter. It is recommended for the traveler in tropical regions of the world.

  • Pros
  • Easy to use
  • Splash proof
  • Battery life
  • Cons
  • ·Needs improvements

Lafagiet F13-Orange Dual Plasma Lighter:

Lafagiet Waterproof Arc Lighter, Outdo


The Lafagiet F13-Orange dual plasma is undoubtedly a tycoon in the market of double arc lighters. Their motive is to provide environment-friendly and easy-to-use lighters and other flaming products. Delivering on their promises, they have created rechargeable lighters that can be used for around two hours continuously after their fully charged. It’s a record and benchmark for other competitors in itself. This plasma lighter will save a lot of your hard-earned money.

This lighter has no kerosene or butane-based fuel usage, making it a very eco-friendly and nature-loving product. The cap of the top seals once it’s fully closed and waterproof, so you can easily use it in a humid region. If you’re fishing or swimming, keep it peacefully in your essentials kit to make it more effective and helpful in the wild. A hand strap is also featured on the side of this plasma lighter to make it more portable and easy to carry wherever you feel more important.

Plasma lighters are now becoming essential to safety kits and car compartments of survival experts worldwide. One of their favorite choices is this Lafagiet F13-Orange dual plasma lighter. It has a lithium battery, which can easily be changed using a solar energy-based power supply or a power bank in outdoor conditions. In addition, it is waterproof, and the lid gets sealed while the weight is maintained at an optimum state. The manufacturers also offer a one-year warranty.

Final Thoughts:

Lafagiet F13-Orange dual plasma lighter is a choice of many famous wild survival experts and is enthusiastic worldwide due to its unique features. For example, it has a cap that gets sealed once locked, making it waterproof, and it also has a hand strap on the side, which makes it very reliable and portable. If you are a survival expert or an emergency responder, you should consider adding this plasma lighter to your essential kit.

  • Pros
  • Easy to use
  • Built strong
  • Convenient and portable
  • Cons
  • Lacks instruction manual

Sipoe Multi-chrome Electric Plasma Lighter:

Sipoe Lighter, Electric Arc Lighter Wi


If you are looking for a genuine stylish, unique plasma lighter, you should consider Sipoe multi-chrome electric plasma lighter. It is very portable due to simple manufacturing, and you can easily recharge the device whenever and wherever you want. The electronic lighter is hassle-free, and you don’t have to worry about butane extraction while using the lighter, as it was a real issue in traditional lighters. The fashionable case makes it unique and a great present for your loved one who will find it helpful.

Four LED battery lights will illuminate and present various power levels on the case, making it very easy for you to recharge it whenever it’s running on low charge. In addition, the plasma lighter has a superb dual electric arc which plays an important role in quickly lighting up objects as soon as it comes to contact with them. This new technology makes it ideal to be used for Tabaco products and other types of flammables.

Sipoe multi-chrome lighter is made keeping class and authenticity in mind. The battery is very effective, and you can easily charge it up to six hundred times before getting it replaced by some expert. Once fully charged, you can easily use this plasma lighter for a week or even more, depending heavily upon the subjective usage. The compact resolution of the lighter is 3.15’’ x 0.98’’ x 0.51’’, which makes it very easy to easily almost anywhere without feeling you’re carrying a load or a liability.

Final Thoughts:

Sipoe multi-chrome electric plasma lighter is best when it comes to considering the size and efficiency of the lighters in the market. There are four LED battery lights on it, making it very well presented and easy to recharge. It is very well made and lightweight for better convenience and portability. The battery is also perfect for a light of this size because it can be used for up to a week without recharging. If you have a certain budget, you should consider buying Sipoe multi-chrome electric plasma lighter for daily usage.  

  • Pros
  • USB rechargeable
  • Lights up very fast
  • Windproof
  • Cons
  • Short charge cord

Windproof Arc X Plasma Lighters:


The Windproof arc x is an upgraded and modern designed plasma lighter. The product is quite revolutionized and advanced in a lot of ways. First of all, the light comes with a LED indicator, and there are four different battery indications on the device to keep you acknowledged of the current battery status of the plasma lighter. This way, you can easily recharge it whenever it’s not charged enough for better performance and reliability.

The arc x lighter is more convenient to use practically, and the outlook is also quite stylish for getting recognition in the market. The latest upgrading has made it even more stable and safe to use in general settings. The corners are rounded to avoid harm, and the overall body is made of zinc alloy for a good outlook. The LED indicators light up as soon as you start recharging it.

The battery of this lighter is produced using lithium. This makes the battery re-useable, and you don’t have to stress about getting this lighter charged every hour. You might save your precious time, money, and efforts by switching up on this plasma arc lighter. Moreover, this light produces a current sound while it’s in use for better effect, and you can easily close the lid once it’s used.

Final Thoughts:

The Windproof arc x plasma lighter is innovative and upgraded with many helpful features. It has four indicators to present the current battery state. The lighter is rechargeable and comes with lithium batteries in it. The body case is made of zinc alloy, and the corners are rounded to avoid inconvenience. It’s highly prescribed to users who work in nightclubs and restaurants. 

  • Pros
  • Battery indicator
  • Huge battery life
  • Flame less for more safety
  • Cons
  • The cap is stiff and doesn’t move a lot

Dual Arc LED Plasma Lighter:

Dual Arc Plasma Lighter with LED Batter


Dual arc LED plasma lighter is in demand globally due to its iconic build and performance. The lighter has several LED lights, each representing battery level on that certain instance. Usually, the battery featured in this plasma lighter can last up to five hundred to six hundred charged, depending upon the active usage of the product.

The main highlight of this arc plasma lighter is that it consists of dual arc technology, which makes this lighter five times faster than any other regular arc lighter. Furthermore, high-quality zinc alloy is used to construct its outlook, which helps it bear extreme temperatures very easily. In addition, the ceramic plates in this plasma lighter make it more reliable and safe to use under any circumstances. This overall design and mechanism make it easier to be used for lighting-up cigars and candles.

The LED arc plasma lighter is rechargeable by nature of production, so it doesn’t require flames or butane to perform. It is windproof and weather resistant for its use at camping, hiking, and traveling. It is perfect for gifting any of your friends or loved ones who will find it helpful. In addition, it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals or fumes since it is electrically recharged.

Final Thoughts:

The Dual arc LED plasma lighter is the durable and safer choice in the market. It has a huge battery, and you can easily recharge it whenever you’re comfortable. The body is made of zinc alloy for a sleeker design, and ceramic plates are used in the construction for more safety and ease of usage. This is advised to be used by casual smokers or socially active adults because it would be perfect for gifting to any loved one who would find it useful and helpful.

  • Pros
  • Well made
  • Stylish body
  • Lightweight
  • Cons
  • Battery can cause dis-function sometimes

S2000 Silver Electric Plasma Lighter:

Lighter - Electric Lighter with Battery In


The S2000 silver electric plasma lighters are made by using the latest plasma technology in commercial use today. The lighter works by producing a flameless spark that is not affected by wind and weather conditions. It can easily light-up objects in a matter of seconds due to its new and improved mechanism.

The lid of this plasma lighter is very well made. You can readily open the lid, which is not stiff or narrow, to a lower chance of disfunction while using it on round objects. It has a completely new design that uses vertical four electrodes in it. The electrode is produced to provide a better experience and more convenience. The brand made sure to not compromise of weight and accuracy of the device while working with this power and safety.

The main highlight of this S2000 silver lighter is the battery life. It charges completely within two hours, and the rechargeable battery remains efficient up to six hundred remarkable charges. You can easily charge this lighter using a micro USB cable, also included in the package. The LED indicators would indicate the exact status of the battery. It’s very compact and portable, too, due to its lightweight construct and sleek dimensions.

Final Thoughts:

The S2000 silver electric plasma lighter uses the latest technology in the market. It has four electrodes embedded for better recharging ability and smooth output. You can easily charge this lighter within two hours and use it for several days, depending on your usage. In addition, it comes with four different LED indicators to show various energy levels. If you are a driver or a traveler, you should consider this lighter because it has great battery health.

  • Pros
  • Safety Features
  • Value for money
  • Easy to use
  • Cons
  • Stops working sometimes

LcFun Gold Dragon Arc Plasma Lighter:

LcFun Dual Arc Plasma Lighter USB Rechargeable Electronic Lighte


LcFun gold dragon arc plasma lighter has a cool, old, yet stunning design. It has a seventy-five-degree slope construct. These are incredibly rare and limited plasma lighters due rot their unique design and limited manufacturing. However, the noble dragon designed on the lighter’s body looks incredibly stunning. The outlook and design make it an obvious gift to your friends and relatives on their birthdays.

This lighter’s dual arc technology is much better than other atomic lighters. It is five times faster than an average electronic lighter. The body is strongly preserved using zinc alloy and ceramic plating in it. The flammable lighters don’t work well in certain weather conditions and wind. This lighter has quite literally solved this issue for the users in a very effective and immediate manner.

The arc flame produced in this LcFun gold dragon lighter shuts off after seven seconds to decrease energy wastage and increase the device’s efficiency. The lack of effect of wind and the durable nature of this plasma lighter makes it preferable for traveling. For better customer service and satisfaction of the masses, the lighter is backed by ninety days guarantee by the manufacturers.

Final Thoughts:

The LcFun gold dragon arc plasma lighter is a fashionable option for users. It has a seventy-five-degree slope pole design which is very likable to most buyers. The arc flame shuts off after seven seconds to decrease power consumption and increase the battery life of this plasma lighter. You can readily gift this product to anyone in your family and friends, or you can even place it in your house just for decoration due to its elegant and iconic design.

  • Pros
  • Stylish design
  • Lights well
  • Better for traveling
  • Cons
  • Can cause smoke sometimes

Camouflage Waterproof Plasma Lighter:

Waterproof Lighter USB Plasma Lig


A Camouflage waterproof plasma lighter is best for you if you want a waterproof and extremely durable lighter. The product is water resistant; you don’t have to worry about your plasma lighter getting wet anymore. The cover of this lighter has a metallic ring on it, which seals the lighter once it’s closed. Rainwater or wet and humid climates cannot affect the construction of this device.

The main highlight of this lighter is that this lighter features a torch. This feature makes it remarkably important essential for traveling and hiking. The flashlight has three modes in it. You can easily switch up between low, high, and flash modes according to your convenience. In addition, the lighter is windproof and doesn’t produce large physical flames like ordinary butane lighters.

If you are outdoors in the forest or hiking, this lighter will surely help you out in many ways because, in a dark and humid climate, you will need a flashlight and a lighter. Camouflage waterproof plasma lighter has helped you so that you can easily carry both simultaneously. It has a clean lithium battery. This doesn’t produce fumes and gasses as a byproduct. It takes nearly two hours to charge completely.

Final Thoughts:

The Camouflage waterproof plasma lighter is perfect for hiking in humid and tropical regions because it is waterproof and features a flashlight. This plasma lighter’s body is made of alloys and ceramic, making it durable and safe to use in extreme weather conditions. In addition, it has a sixty-day guarantee from the manufacturers, making it an ideal choice for hikers and tourists of tropical rainforests and jungles.

  • Pros
  • Comes with LED
  • Reliable
  • Better lid cover
  • Cons
  • Built quality is not up to the mark

Scott Plasma Windproof Arc Lighter:

Scotte Plasma Windproof arc Lighter Electri


The Scott plasma windproof is a well-assembled and excellent arc lighter. It has a very special feature that combines two arc lighters. It is useful from both sides as the upper side of the lighter can be used as the plasma lighter to light-up candles and cigars, while users can easily use the lower end for much-needed light and clarity in the dark by using its featured flashlight.

The lighter has a multi-tasking magnesium fire starter in it. You won’t have to spend another penny to buy a separate flashlight or lighter because a plasma windproof arc lighter has already distressed you about this issue. The arc flame of this lighter is quite powerful and fast because you can easily light up a candlestick using it. This lighter doesn’t provide any extra flame while working, and you can readily use it in the high speeding wind. Simply recharge it once it’s fully used, and the battery will also work fine for more than one hundred and fifty charges.

You can shut off the flame easily by re-closing the lid, or the light will automatically switch off after seven seconds for safety and preventive measures. The lighter can easily light up more than sixteen thousand strikes in a lifetime without extra effort. It is more reliable than an average matchbox or lighter. You can easily switch to the normal mode, which would allow you to continuously light up this lighter for about three to five hours.

Final Thoughts:

The Scott plasma windproof arc lighter is an excellent and durable choice for users worldwide. It has dual arc flame technology, making it more powerful and fast than other plasma lighters. In addition, it has a magnesium fire starter which is well received in extreme climatic conditions and natural expeditions. If you are an archaeologist or on a nature expedition, you should consider this plasma lighter for your next job or travel.

  • Pros
  • Good working mechanism
  • Flashlight is bright
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Cons
  • Creates high-frequency noise

Bones Olive Gray Arc Plasma Lighter:

Boncas Flexible Arc Lighter US


The Bones olive gray is an environment-friendly arc plasma lighter. The lighter uses plasma technology, eliminating any extra and harmful chemicals extracted from traditional lighters. But you must be very careful when using this plasma lighter as it could burn your hand if you touch the arc flame with bare hands. Nevertheless, this lighter has revolutionized the way arc lighters usually perform.

The main highlight of this lighter is the arc’s neck featured in it. The neck is quite long and rotational. You can easily move the rotatable neck into three sixty degrees without breaking it. The total length of the flexible neck is approximately 3.7 inches. The independence in movement allows the user to use this lighter for the various object. The safety measures are also not compromised while increasing the flexibility of the arc flame. This separates it from other brands on the market.

The safety lock on the plasma lighter’s upper lid is made so that under-aged child can easily be kept away from it. The construct is engineered to protect the light from overheating and overcharging in the long run. The arc flame of the plasma lighter shuts off automatically after six and a half seconds, which is quite impressive. The overall design of this lighter is weighted less than usual competitors in the market. It is best to use indoor and safe settings because it is well protected and reliable.

Final Thoughts:

Bones olive gray arc plasma lighter is a lightweight and reliable option due to preventive measures taken by the manufacturers. The main highlight of this lighter is the flexible neck of arc flame to use it virtually anywhere without hesitation. The length of the neck of this lighter is 3.7 inches which makes it highly recommendable to be used indoors and on camping sites. In addition, the risk of getting burnt is minimized by proper safety measures while making this plasma lighter.

  • Pros
  • Windproof
  • Efficient battery life
  • Environment friendly
  • Cons
  • Time-consuming

Buyer’s Guide For Plasma Lighters:

As we know that plasma lighters are simple gadgets, but there are a few things to consider before selecting any specific plasma lighter and buying it. But you don’t have to spend hours searching on different platforms to understand features in an ideal plasma lighter. Therefore, we have gathered some important features for you to understand. 

Here are some of the most important features of the best plasma lighter:


The count of arcs in a plasma lighter plays an important role in the overall performance of the lighter. Usually, two arc lighters are better than single arc plasma lighter because power emission increases by an increase in arc count of the lighter. 

Battery life:

Usually, most plasma lighters are rechargeable, but a larger battery capacity should be your desire in a perfect electric lighter. If you buy a better quality lighter, it might live up to three hundred times of charge, while cheaper plasma lighters are not that durable. 


Most plasma lighters are shaped like traditional lighters, making them difficult to use on round surfaces and objects like bowl candles, etc. Instead, try selecting a lighter which is more flexible and volatile to use more efficiently.


The main reason for producing plasma lighters was to create water-resistant and windproof lighters. Most lighters are by default windproof but consider power capacity and arc flame of plasma lighter in addition to being windproof and water resistant. 


The Health and safety of users is a primary factors to keep in mind. For example, if a plasma lighter has a hazardous arc flame, you should avoid buying it, or else it could cause problems in the future. Instead, try buying products that are safer and easy to use. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will plasma lighter cause electric shock?

You might get a shot of static electricity by directly touching the arc of the plasma lighter. But the overall body of lighters is usually insulated, so you might not get shocked by touching the body of the plasma lighter. Just avoid the arc as current is being passed through it. 

Is it legal to fly with a plasma lighter on airplanes?

You should leave your plasma lighter home to avoid any serious inconvenience because most airlines prohibit carrying lighters during flights for safety reasons. 

Can I order a plasma lighter online?

Yes, you can order a plasma lighter online if you want. They are readily available on different websites across the United States Of America and Canada. However, it might take a day or two for your order to be delivered. 

Are plasma lighters better than traditional lighters?

By keeping all of the positive and negative aspects of each lighter, plasma lighters are more useful and helpful than regular lighters because they are more energy efficient, long-lasting, and safer to use than traditional lighters. 

Are plasma lighters good for the environment?

Usually, most plasma lighters are rechargeable and consume electric energy to charge. Hence no harmful gasses are used or emitted by plasma lighters; this makes them more eco-friendly than traditional lighters. 


Plasma lighters are an innovative and great update to replace usual and traditional lighters. These lighters are safer, more energy efficient, and more stylish. If you have a proper budget, you should consider buying any of the plasma lighter mentioned above. 

Thanks for reading. 

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