Best Walleye Ice Fishing Rods

The cold season is on the way, and everyone is thinking about traveling towards a cozy place to stay for some days. Usually, the first idea that pops into everyone’s mind is going to a lake or forest alongside a river. Moreover, early ice and the arrival of winter is regarded as the best season for walleye ice fishing. 

The length of the cable, material used in the formation of rod and reel, and many other factors should be kept in mind while buying a fishing rod. Specifically, if you desire to catch walleyes, you might need a lot of sensitivity in your rod to acknowledge any motion in the cable. Once the mouth hooks the walleye, set the hook quickly to catch it, or it might escape after some moments. For this purpose, you will need a strong hook that is flexible too. 

If you are interested in ice fishing for walleyes, there are many things to consider, and you must have a specific type of fishing rod and reel set for a better chance of success. In addition, you have to consider the biting style of walleyes before fishing or any further attempt to catch them because they have a habit of diving in as soon as they bite your bait. Hence, you should keep all these things in mind while buying a fishing rod. 

What is the preferred size for ice fishing rods?

Different types of fishing rods are manufactured for different purposes. The average or open water fishing rod is usually way longer than an average ice fishing rod. Due to less area available for fishing in cold and frozen lakes, the length and size of a fishing rod are kept less. 

Top Best Walleye Ice Fishing Rod:

There are dozens of things to remember while you are out in the market looking for a fishing rod for catching walleyes. Unfortunately, most buyers are left shocked and overwhelmed by each model’s confusing details and specifications. But you can now calmly take a seat and look through our list we compiled for you to help you choose the best walleyes ice fishing rod for you: 

  1. Cadence CR5-30 Ultralight Fishing Rod
  2. Fiblink Bent Boat Fishing Rod
  3. KastKing Resolute Spinning Fishing Rods
  4. OKUMA Graphite Grip Fishing Rods
  5. Shakespeare Stik GX2 Ice Fishing Rod
  6. Zebco Dock Demon Anti-Reverse Fishing Rod
  7. KastKing Centron IM6 Graphite Fishing Rod
  8. Croix Rods Triumph Spinning Rod
  9. BUDEFO Travel Portable Carbon Fishing Rods
  10. Goture SIC Carbon Travel Rod

Cadence CR5-30 Ultralight Fishing Rod:

adence Spinning Rod,CR5-30 Ton Carb


The Cadence CR5-30 ultralight is one of the best and finest fishing rods in the global market. The fishing poles let the users experience the best and premium qualities with a minimum price range. If you order this fishing rod online or buy it from a store nearby, you won’t have to worry about a huge price tag coming along with it. It’s fairly priced and well received by customers and critics in the market. 

The CR5-30 rod is durable and strong due to the usage of carbon graphite in manufacturing each rod, whether a one-piece rod or a two-piece rod. You can use these fishing rods for sports and professional measures, such as fishing walleye and trout fishes in a freshwater region. The overall structure of this rod is strong and stable, and the sensitivity of the product is exceptional. The net weight of this Cadence ultralight rod is very reasonable and less compared to other fishing rods of similar qualities. 

You can easily switch between two different handle configurations of the fishing rod. The user can use the carbon split grip for comfort or take advantage of the full grip using premium quality cork. The stainless steel used in the frame of this fishing rod makes the overall mechanism quite smooth and less resistant—the rod’s sensitivity increases as the resistance and friction between cable and rod is minimum. 

Final Thoughts:

The Cadence CR5-30 ultralight is a very strong and durable fishing rod. You can use it for different fishing competitions and games. The stainless steel frame provides a smooth and sensitive effect to the rod. You can easily switch up between configuration modes if required. You can easily use this on tours to freshwater regions as it is very portable. Overall, it’s a very affordable and versatile choice if you’re an expert user of fishing rods.  

  • Pros
  • Better quality 
  • Affordable 
  • Good sensitivity 
  • Cons
  • Breaks easily

Fiblink Bent Boat Fishing Rod:

Fiblink Bent Butt Fishing Rod 2-Piece Saltw


The Fiblink bent boat is a well-constructed and strongly built fishing rod. The graphite glass provides amazing power to pull out fishes once hooked. The fishing rod’s advanced and enhanced fiber structure increases the strength to maximum levels. You can easily extend the cable up to six to seven feet without worrying about any breakage. The rod’s sensitivity is not compromised, and it’s well maintained. 

The bent boat rod’s smooth and precisely polished cable is made of flexible and durable stainless steel. Hence the rod is protected from corrosion and rusting in salty and hard water of oceans and other water bodies. The rod wheel is made up of an alloy of aluminum and well covered on both sides by protecting cap. The wheel’s structure is balanced and powerful, so it will not break after hooking a big fish. To protect the fishing rod from extra rotation and movement, there is a grove at the connection of the rod.  

The handle of the Fiblink fishing rod will also be comfortable to grip, and you will not find it difficult to hold in with a wet or slippery hand. The grip is made up of rubber to provide extra friction and control. The overall design of the fishing rod is also ideal for fishing in rivers as the sensitivity is very best in fast-paced water tides. With strong structural construction and a durable appearance, you can also be stress-free while fishing due to the one-year warranty against any shortcoming. 

Final Thoughts:

The Fiblink bent boat is a well-constructed and reliable rod. The strong fiber in the cable provides maximum strength and less resistance. The fishing rod is free from rust and corrosion due to the stainless coating on the exterior. The grip of this bent boat fishing rod is very comfortable, and the rubber on the handle minimizes any chance of slipping. This fishing rod is highly recommended for fishing in rivers and high water-flow areas.

  • Pros
  • Durable
  • Less manual hard work
  • Recommended for catching bigger fishes
  • Cons
  • Heavy for some users

KastKing Resolute Spinning Fishing Rods:

KastKing Resolute Fishing Rods, Spinning Rods & Casting Rods, Ultra-Sensitive IM7 Carbon Fishing R


The KastKing resolute is an ultra-sensitive spinning fishing rod. The fishing rod is designed for competitions and high-risk games. The carbon rod blanks are important in providing sensitivity and a strong transitional system. It has two modes: light rod power for freshwater species and ultra-heavy mode for the ocean and sea water fishes. 

The company provided the best components to support the fishing rod. The rod’s frame is equally important as the rest of the product. If the wheel is loose or weak, you will never be able to catch a quality fish. Hence this fishing rod ensures the steady grip and placement of every part of the system. The line used in this rod is well-braided and monofilament for better performance.

The resolute spinning rods have comforting control over the fishing pole in every situation. The slip-resistant grip of the fishing rod is comparable to that of much more expensive rods. There is a complete collection of models with slight variations and differences. It doesn’t matter whether you are participating in competitions, races, or tournaments; the KastKing resolute spinning fishing rods will surely increase your chance of winning. 

Final Thoughts:

The KastKing resolute spinning fishing rods are highly praised by users who repetitively participate in tournaments and competitions. The structure is exceptionally slip-resistant and strong. You can choose between dozens of brand models for any apparent circumstances. The fishing rod can also switch between different power transitional systems. So if you are a fisherman or participating in a tournament, you should consider KastKing resolute spinning fishing rods.

  • Pros
  • Lightweight
  • Smoothly working 
  • Very portable
  • Cons
  • Users complain about quality control

OKUMA Graphite Grip Fishing Rods:

OKUMA SST Technique Specific G


Okuma graphite grip fishing rod is one of the few fishing rods that provide a carbon-handled line-up below a hundred US dollars. It’s hence very well received and affordable. It is mainly intended for bigger fishes and other aquatic animals. Almost thirty-four different versions combined of this model for various demands and purposes. 

The rod grips are made from 3K carbon fiber, giving users durability, easy usage, and a beautiful design. The coarse weave of 3K carbon fiber gives a better grip for all circumstances and situations. Its main highlight is that it’s specially designed for fishing in ice and winters. 

The remaining body is stainless steel for better performance and strong structure. The base is still made-up of graphite; hence it gives a better combination for ease of users as well as precision and power of the product. The overall frame of the product gives till independence and amazing performance in all angular directions and areas. 

Final Thoughts:

The Okuma graphite grip is a well-made and affordable fishing rod. The grip comprises non-slippery handles, and the rod’s base is compiled of 3K carbon for strength and precision. Besides grip, the fishing rod’s overall body is stainless steel. Therefore, it is highly recommended to users eager to use a fishing rod in artic or other cold regions.  

  • Pros
  • Better bending rod
  • Great strength 
  • Durable frame 
  • Cons
  • None

Shakespeare Stik GX2 Ice Fishing Rod:



The Shakespeare Stik GX2 ice fishing rod is one of the most rapidly rising models among fishing equipment markets. With various applications in the business, the size 20 spinning wheel is the main highlight of this fishing rod. The stik ice fishing rod is very durable and stable because of the aluminum spool featured in it. The main function of this ported spool is to provide support and flexibility while fishing in a lake or some other place. 

The fishing rod is quite stylish and sleek too. The blank of Shakespeare stik GX2 ice fishing rod is genuine and authentic in manufacturing design and formation. It consists of the iconic ugly Stik clear tip style. The complete set comes with a twist lock reel seat. You can hold your drink or rest your hands on the EVA handles on the sides of the seats offered in the complete fishing package. 

The stainless steel rod is not static and sturdy like ordinary fishing rods. It comes with a spinning reel and rod technology so that it would be easy for you to rotate according to the position of the hooked fish. The ball bearing is also quite helpful in this fishing rod. Moreover, the ported spool is made up of aluminum for added durability. The overall weightage of the whole collection is quite exceptionally less because of the abundant usage of aluminum in it.

Final Thoughts:

The Shakespeare Stik GX2 ice fishing rod completed with the whole collectible system is a very useful option for travelers and tourists. It’s lightweight and portable due to the aluminum spool and other parts. The stainless steel rod can spin and rotate according to your desire due to ball bearings. If you have a specific budget, you should consider this fishing rod.  

  • Pros
  • Convenient 
  • Balanced mechanism
  • Better flexibility
  • Cons
  • Fragile 

Zebco Dock Demon Anti-Reverse Fishing Rod:

Zebco Dock Demon Spinning Reel or Spincast Reel and Fishing R


The Zebco dock demon anti-reverse is a combination for precision in a fishing rod. This product features a thirty inches rod that provides decent power and great accuracy in motion. Such qualities in a fishing rod make it more likely to catch light-weighted and moderate fish species. In addition, the cable is constructed so that it can easily hold up to six pounds weight. 

The main feature any fisher looks for is the ease and comfort of holding the grip of the fishing rod. This dock demon fishing rod comes with an adjustable dial drag for the smooth flow of fiberglass rod blank. This gives extra durability and strength to the fishing rod making it more comforting and reliable. Moreover, it will not cause rashes or marks on hands while retrieving hooked fish because the handles are also cushioned for relaxation and smoothness. 

The quick-set anti-reverse reel prevents the fishing rod from getting dragged backward or pushed after the fish applies the force. The hook set is visibly strong and steady, ensuring your prey doesn’t slip away in any situation. Finally, the retriever is set on the right side for dominance and extra power while retrieving your prized conquest after such hard work.

Final Thoughts:

The Zebco dock demon anti-reverse fishing rod combines power and smoothness. The overall construction of this fishing rod is made while keeping comfort and ease in mind. But the brand has not compromised on the durability and safety of the fishing rod. The rod blank is made-up of fiberglass and consists of an adjustable dial for convenience of users and ease in retrieving fishes caught using this fishing rod. 

  • Pros
  • Better stability
  • Reliable structure
  • Budget-friendly
  • Cons
  • Creates noise 

KastKing Centron IM6 Graphite Fishing Rod:

KastKing Centron Spinning Reel – Fishing R


The KastKing center IM6 is an exceptional graphite fishing rod for an affordable price. It has amazing fishing performance due to its angular manufacturing. The fishing rod is designed so that any user experiences professionalism and class in their equipment. In addition, producers pack the spinning reel and rod so you can easily take them anywhere without worry or hassle. 

The high-class graphite fiber rod blank is very versatile and innovative on its own. You can readily convert the rod blank into five variating angles and lengths. This is very useful in long-distance fishing as it requires long-ranging rods and reels to perform as desired. A spinning wheel is also featured in this fishing rod with a ball bearing, graphite frame, and rotor. 

The spinning wheel perfectly matches the length and weight ratio of the fishing rod. The main structure of the rod consists of two pieces for easy travel. The spool and handle are made of aluminum for durability. The fishing rod also has an incredibly strong triple disc drag. With such a powerful spinning reel, this rod will become one of your favorite. You can comfortably adjust the rod accordingly if you’re prey is larger than usual. 

Final Thoughts:

The KastKing center IM6 is an amazing graphite fishing rod. It’s versatile and innovative, so you don’t have to worry about buying separate products for different purposes. It is easy to carry while traveling due to its two-piece structure. The rod rotates remarkably precisely due to the spinning rod and reel. You should switch to this fishing rod if you want to catch larger fish. 

  • Pros
  • Easy to use
  • Lifts heavy fishes easily
  • Lightweight gear
  • Cons
  • Users complain about rod breakage. 

Croix Rods Triumph Spinning Rod:

St. Croix Rods Triumph Spinning Rod, TSR


Some users want to enjoy trips to lakes and rivers, and St. Croix rods triumph spinning rod is their best product. This fishing rod makes sure that you have a great experience overall, even if you’re in any region. People struggle to fix and use certain fixing rods, but this triumph spinning rod is different. It allows users to celebrate memorable moments with their valued family and friends. 

The rod’s premium carbon structure makes the product’s motion smooth and steady. Usually, the projection of the cable of the rod is determined by reflexes of the fishing rod alongside the blank. The fortified resin system provides iconic power and steadiness. The contoured handles ensure a powerful grip is maintained on the fishing rod. 

This fishing rod is backed by five years warranty by the company’s customer service. The guides of this rod and its reel are coated with a black finish. Furthermore, the rod is double coated for slow corrosion and rusting in a wet environment. The overall length of this fishing rod is five feet which are more huge than most of the rods on the market. However, the combined weight of the fishing rod is 6 pounds making it quite lightweight and sleek. 

Final Thoughts:

The St. Croix rods triumph spinning rod is multi-functional and volatile in different settings for fishing. The carbon graphite rod is very powerful and comfortable. It also features a fortified resin system for extra security and protection. The contoured handles are better for new users and consumers, and it also helps in hardened grip over the rod. 


  • Expensive
  • Pros
  • Perfect alignment
  • High-quality rod
  • Balanced weight and length
  • Cons
  • Expensive

BUDEFO Travel Portable Carbon Fishing Rods:

BUDEFO Travel Portable Baitcasting Fishing


The Budefo travel portable carbon fishing rods are made of high-quality carbon fiber. The fishing rod is comforting yet very resilient and long-lasting. You can experience the sensation of the hooked fishes due to the rebound rod blank. This fishing rod is upgraded and manufactured so that operating power is enhanced a lot. The overall material used in this product is top-tier quality for maximum performance. 

The frame is strong, and the metals used in the construction are also of the best quality. The design of this fishing rod is sleek, which causes minimum shocks, and the product’s overall stability increases. The power to retrieve the hooked fish is conducted through the cable and the resting body of the rod. The internodes produce visible shocks and movements once the fish is hooked to alert the user. 

The stylish appearance and remarkable manufacturing give users a lifetime experience. You can easily measure the size of the hooked fish once it’s retrieved by using the twenty-three-inch ruler marked on the rod body. The most highlighted feature is the three and four parts constructive designs of the fishing rod. After using it on trips, you can easily store it in racks and cupboards. 

Final Thoughts:

The Budefo travel portable carbon fishing rod is perfect for residential users around lakes and rivers as it is very portable. The rod’s body is very flexible due to its usage of carbon fiber. The power conduction is perceptive into the body of the rod. You can easily sense when the hook is attached to the prey due to its inhibiting structure. This fishing rod is recommended for users who don’t have enough space to store equipment in a larger space. 

  • Pros
  • Flexible and lightweight
  • Better grip
  • Measures size of fish caught
  • Cons
  • Users complain about the length of the reel cable

Goture SIC Carbon Travel Rod:

Goture 4 Pcs Travel Rod with SIC Gui


The Goture SIC carbon is high strength and advanced construct travel rod. This fishing rod is manufactured in multi-angle technology for better performance and greater sensitivity. The rod gives ultimate power and toughness due to its further divided into four parts. In addition, the product uses insertion transmission to sense effective retrieval. 

The guide of this carbon travel rod is made of stainless steel, ultimately making it smooth. The rod also avoids sticking in the guides due to precise formation. The SiC insertion prevents rusting and corrosion, making it better resistant to extreme weather conditions. The EVA grip makes the fishing rod stable and easy to hold while fishing in uneven regions. 

The reel seat of the Goture rod is made of ABS, and it can adapt according to given conditions. This phenomenon causes less slipping of a rod, and dynamic design precisely holds into your hand for better relaxation. Moreover, it is easily assembled and used with comfort while the working is as effective as any top-tier brand in the market. 

Final Thoughts:

The Goture SIC carbon travel is an extremely powerful and advanced fishing rod. The carbon layer construction gives strength to the product. The glides are amazing and made of stainless steel to resist rusting. The grip is well designed to fit in hands and is non-slippery. It’s highly recommended to more casual and amateur users for their amazing initial experiences. 

  • Pros
  • Nicely assembled 
  • Better for traveling
  • Nice compact case
  • Cons
  • Users complain about rod breakage

 Buyer’s Guide For Choosing Walleye Fishing Rod:

When choosing a walleye fishing rod, you will have to consider many things before making a final decision. Read and understand them well enough, and you won’t have to worry about your decision in the future.

Some of the factors to memorize are mentioned below: 


It is one of the most important factors because you might have a small area to work in due to weather conditions outside. An extra long fishing rod would add to the list of your problems. 


The strength of ice fishing is also quite important because no one wants to break their rod or fishing reel while fishing. There are some huge fishes on the hook sometimes, so you should have enough strength and durability in your gadgets to survive. 


The weight of the cable or line used in the fishing rod is directly proportional to the overall strength and durability of the fishing mechanism. A line weighing anywhere between three to eight pounds will be ideal for you to retrieve a heavy fish while fishing on a frozen lake. 


The rod and reel’s sensitivity is crucial once the fish is hooked. If your fishing rod is not sensitive enough, you might let the fish escape, and if it’s extra sensitive, you might retrieve the cable even before the hook is set into the fish.

Line Weight:

The weight of the line is directly correlated to the rod’s power, so the more power you need, the higher line weight you’ll want to use. For general purpose walleye jigging, the range can range from four to twelve pounds. This range, combined with the proper power, will give you the best fishing experience when trying to land walleye.


It doesn’t matter if you are jigging, trolling, or spinning while catching a fish; if your fishing rod is not flexible enough, you might lose it. The fishing rod can even break after a large prey is hooked due to a lack of flexibility in the material used in the fishing rod. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can a large fishing rod be used for ice fishing?

The answer to this question is not very straightforward; you can use a large fishing rod if you are fishing in an open environment. On the other hand, if you’re fishing at a camp, etc., you should choose a short-range fishing rod instead of a large one. 

Define an ice fishing rod in easy words?

There are special and specific types of fishing rods made for fishing in cold and frozen areas; these are called ice fishing rods. These are usually short and lighter in weight than general fishing rods for ease and comfort while fishing in a closed and frozen region. 

Should I use a regular fishing rod for ice fishing?

If you are fishing in a closed area or in a tent, you should avoid using regular fishing rods because they are much larger in length. But, if you are in an open area with enough space to spin your rod freely, you can use a regular fishing rod for ice fishing. 

What are the reasons to use an ice fishing rod?

There are dozens of reasons to use an ice fishing rod, especially when fishing in a cold environment. The length and weight of ice fishing rods are less than regular rods, and their flexibility and durability are amplified compared to regular fishing rods. 

What is the correct size of an ice fishing rod?

To find the correct size of fishing rod for ice fishing, you should understand the length to power ratio of fishing rods and the area provided for fishing in your region. Then, you should decide accordingly, or you might face several problems. 


By understanding the above factors and related questions, you can easily select an ice fishing rod according to your preferences. Don’t select a random product based on your friend’s advice or commercial advertisement. If you keep all of these things in your mind, you will surely get the best ice fishing rod that matches your desires. Thanks for reading the article. 

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