Ninja Weapons FFXIV ( Bladesusa, Sword Valley)

Are you a Final Fantasy Fan? Looking for the Ninja Weapons FFXIV? If yes, then you have come to the right place. The Final Fantasy is basically a multiplayer ninja-based game launched in 2010. Still, it has a 9/10 rating on Steam. Also, this game is available on every platform. The journey of Martial Arts begins in Japan. I don’t think, so any person exists who doesn’t know about the Samurai.

Ninja Weapons FFXIV 2021

According to the recent report of the Japanese Association, anime watches in 112 different countries. That’s why the ninjas are very famous, and their weapons are higher in demand.

In Japanese tradition and culture, the strongest Sword is called Katana. It can even cut a man into two pieces. This Sword was part of the Japanese warrior, a.k.a Samurai uniform.

The era of Samurais may end a long time ago, but their weapons are still very famous. Many countries have banned these weapons due to softly purpose, but there are alternative options.

Katana Vs Samurai Sword

If you go and search Samurais, you will find they use a different type of Sword. However, Katana and Samurai are both Sword and famous. But still, their differences between them.

  • The major difference is length. Katana Usually has 20 to 26 inches. On the other hand, the Samurai sword length starts from 34 inches. Beginners don’t know how to pay attention to this. Due to the extensive size, the Samurai swords win.
  • Another difference, the wearing style. Samurai swords can be worn in such a way that the edges are down. While Katana is totally opposite. The edge upwards.

Top 5 Ninja Weapons FFXIV

After spending a lot of time searching and reviewing different ninja weapons. Below is a list of the best ones among them.

  1. Sword Valley Ninja Sword
  2. Sword Valley Frostmourne Foam Sword
  3. Bladesusa Katana Dragon Sword
  4. Tactical Master 27″ Twin Tactical Machete 2
  5. Naruto Black Tactical Kunai

Sword Valley Ninja Sword

Sword Valley Ninja Sword | Ninja Weapons FFXIV 2021

Sword Valley Tactical Knife Set with Sheath is the best Sword you should get in your hands. The 3Cr13 high-end stainless steel made material makes it Sword enthusiasts’ choice. Also, the one-piece body of the Katana is durable.

This Sword is 27-inches long and 0.12 inches in thickness. You can cut everything with a single shot. For better grip, it has Wax wrap on the handle.

Indeed, you will fall in love with a beautiful and sharp sword even if you are using the Katana for the first time. In other words, this Sword is the second name of perfection.

Above all, the package includes two additional Kunai. This molding Katana is an example of the best artistry. In conclusion, if you are an anime lover, you can use this Sword to cosplay the legendary “Roronoa Zoro Monster.”

Sword Valley Ninja Sword Features:

  • Three-Piece Suit
  • 3Cr13 Steel Material
  • Wax Rope Handle
  • Sword Size: 27 Inches
  • Back & Red Color Finishing


  • Attractive Designs
  • Stainless steel
  • One-piece blade
  • Rigorous Packaging


  • Few people find the length shorter

Sword Valley Frostmourne Foam Sword

Sword Valley Frostmourne Foam Sword | Ninja Weapons FFXIV 2021

If you are a World of Warcraft game series fan, I can bet you will love this Sword Valley Frostmourne Foam Sword. This Sword has the cursed power of the “Lich King Ner’zhul.” Since this attractive Sword, 10 pounds will give you a proper feel like you’re holding a real one.

Also, it has attractive curved blade edges and a silver skull made of stainless steel. But keep one thing in mind the shiny blade is unsharp. So, you don’t have to worry. It’s just a cosplay sword.

On the handle, it has three rings and Shadowbane. The overall length of the Sword is 10″. Above all, it has a dark color 3D plaque with dual hooks. You can hang it easily.

From plan to manufacture this Sword is to strive for superiority. Made as a result of 10 different processes. Lastly, the dual-layer packaging ensures the integrity of the Sword.

Sword Valley Frostmourne Foam Sword Features:

  • Overall Length: 47 Inches
  • Blade Length: 37 Inches
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Scabbard: Wooden
  • Made by more than ten processes


  • Excellent Quality
  • Rigorous Packaging
  • Stainless steel
  • Very Strong


  • Heavy for children

BladesUSA Katana Dragon Sword

Bladesusa Katana Dragon Sword | Ninja Weapons FFXIV 2021

In Japan, the swords are called Katana. Also, it’s a symbol of pride and honor for the Japanese people. In the past, there was no weapon like guns; people use Swords. 

People Usually think Samurais and Ninjas are both the same. But actually, they are not. The purpose of the ninja is to transmit the message without capturing it. On the other hand, Samurais fight in the war. 

When it comes to the best Katana, the name that comes to everyone’s mind BladesUSA. Also, They offer a wide range of other accessories. The Dragon Sword is 42 inches long Katana without sharp ends. But still not for children.

Although the Sword’s handle is plastic made but looks real without touching, one can’t find it not real. You can use it for training or keep it on your showcase as a decoration up to you. In conclusion, This BladesUSA Katana is one of the finest yet budget-friendly options.

BladesUSA Katana Dragon Sword Features:

  • Length: 42.25-Inch 
  • word Dagger Replica
  • Stainless Steel
  • Highlander Handle


  • Sturdy Material
  • Better Hand Grip
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Customer Choice


  • Some People Don’t like the Plastic Handle but In This Price Budget Its Acceptable

Tactical Master 27″ Twin Machete 2

Tactical Master 27 Twin Tactical Machete 2

Katana is one of the most famous weapons. If you watch anime, you will see people fighting with each other with a sword. It’s not just a sword for Japanese people, and it’s their traditions and customs.

If you search for the world’s deadliest weapon, the Katana, a.k.a, will come on the top. This ninja sword has a curved blade and a wrapped grip.

While we talk about the best ninja sword, one name that occurs in everyone’s mind is Tactical Master taking part in league with a Twin Machete high-quality Titanium Coated blade Katana. Also, it has a perfect combination of traditional Japanese appearance.

Moreover, this Sword has 27 inches in length, which is a pretty decent size because the longer ones are tough to hold and handle during an event. For the grip, it has a cord wrapping over the handle. You can also give this Sword to your loved ones.

Tactical Master 27″ Twin Machete 2 Features:

  • Overall Length: 27inhces
  • 440 Stainless Steel Material Blade
  • Nylon Sheath Wrap Cord
  • Handle Length: 7.5″
  • 2pc Twin Machete Set


  • Traditional Japanese
  • Durable and Sturdy
  • Unique Design
  • Trustable Brand


  • Not for Kids

Naruto Black Tactical Kunai

Naruto Black Tactical Kunai

Naruto is a ninja based Japanese Manga anime written by Masashi Kishimoto. According to the recent about 85 volumes of Naruto print. Kunai is basically a Swiss army ninja sword, a.k.a knife. Also, it is often imitated in the latest media avatar. 

Likewise, it’s the deadliest weapon of all time. In the past, they were used in wars to kill the enemy. Usually, this ninja weapon’s design has a ring on the backside and a sharp knife top on the upper side. 

The Black Tactical Kunai is a stainless-steel sword knife. Also, This Kunai set is perfectly balanced and has a high-quality material. The package includes 12 Piece steel double edges sharper blade. Since they are sharp, therefore keep them secure where children can’t access them.

For the grip, the handle has a Nylon Sheath; it will help you to hold them. Meanwhile, people who love to put the spin on things will love this Kunai. In conclusion, this product is for only practice purpose, not harm or kill anyone one.

Naruto Black Tactical Kunai Features:

  • 12 pc set of Kunai’s
  • Handle length: 2.5 inches
  • Overall Length: 6 inches
  • 440 Stainless Steel


  • Well Balanced
  • Excellent Quality
  • Double Edges Sharp Blade
  • Long-lasting
  • Use for Practicing and Fun


  • Low-Quality Bag

 Buyer Guide

Buying a sword looks very easy, but actually, it is not. It would be best if you had something authentic yet budget-friendly.

There are many factors you have to consider before buying Katana. Many companies are also selling them, which seems reasonable, but deep down, it’s not worth it.


Mostly the Katanas available have unsharpened edges due to safety. However, you can get it sharpened if you want. Sharpen ones are not easy to handle and require special care.

Go for the Sword, which has a stainless steel or higher carbon content. The higher carbon contents are T10, 1095,1060, etc.

Type of Sword

This factor depends upon the tanginess of Katana. There are types of the Sword:

  • Full Tang: In this type, the blade goes over the Tsuka. Also, the width of the blade is less than the outside one.
  • Half Tang: This type of Sword has partial or quarter tang.
  • No Tang: As the name says, this type of Sword doesn’t have a tang.

I would recommend you to go for the Sword with Full since they are more flexible and sturdier.


 Another critical factor is the length. A standard Katana has a long-range of 40 to 45 inches. In the market, there are also shorter length swords available, but they are for decoration. Likewise, the higher length makes a sword Katana.


Newbies don’t pay attention to Hamon. Basically, it’s the Sword pattern, a visualizing effect that determines how good the Katana is. If a sword doesn’t have Hamon, it means the product is not as good as advertised.


In Japanese, the typical word used for the handle of a Sword is Tsuka. It should be delicate so you can pull the Sword anytime you want.


A scabbard is basically a sheath for holding a sword. In the market, there are many classy scabbards made of high-quality material. That could be leather, wood, and horn. In conclusion, the quality, after all, depends on the money.

Frequently Asked Question

How Sharp Should The Katana be?

Due to the safety purpose, the Katana’s are not usually sharpened. But you can sharpen it by visiting a knife shop or the DIY.

How Can We Use A Ninja Sword?

  • Put both your hands on the Sword. The weak on the bottom and strong one the too
  • Place it at 90 degrees parallel upwards the ground
  • Stretch a delicate swing on the thing you want to cut.

Which Type of Katana Is Best?

There are different materials of Katanas available in the market—however, the best one with carbon material.

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